Name – Adam Thurston
Born – 13/08/1996
Place of Birth – Bristol, England
Occupation – Project Manager
Hobbies – Watching Football, Eating Out, Playing Football and Travelling

Why a blog?
– Hmm, I’m not sure to be honest… I guess it is mainly for me. I am going through my life capturing as much as I possibly can so when i’m old, grey and retired I can have a look back through and think “wow, I really did that” or “my god, that was good”. However, I guess I am doing it for the benefit of you guys – the readers. After starting up my Instagram account approximately 6 months ago (correct as of December 2015) I have gained over 535 followers, received over 8,000 likes and met a few really nice fellow groundhoppers. I guess this is just another way of forming networks with people who share a similar interest, hobby and life!

Since starting my challenge of “Doing the 92” on the 2nd of January 2015 I have made real progress in completing a third of the grand total. It all started in Cardiff at the Cardiff City Stadium on a freezing cold Friday night in the 3rd round FA Cup tie between Cardiff City and Colchester United, the game finished 3-1 to the hosts in front of 4,194 fans, leaving 29,086 seats empty – as you can imagine this didn’t make much of an atmosphere.

When writing this on the 2nd of December 2015 (wow, 11 months to the day since starting!) I have managed to get my total up to 36/92 in 54 games, travelling over 10,000 miles in 4 different countries.

These subjects are of course all subject to change however I would like to think I could make a large proportion of them! If anyone is interested in getting in contact with me to arrange a game or a meet up then feel free to contact me on adamthurstonwork@hotmail.co.uk and follow me on Twitter (athurston_1996) and Instagram (adamthurstongroundhopping). In addition to this I can be found on the “Groundhopper” app under my name Adam Thurston.

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